Monday, April 11, 2011

Spay Surgery Update

So, on Friday Duchess had her surgery. We dropped her off at 9 am and they called us at about 11 am letting us know that she was out of surgery and everything went great. It often takes dogs a while to wake up, so we were asked to call back at 3 pm to see when she would be ready to go home. When we called, they told us we could pick her up at 4:30 and take her home.

When we picked her up, we could tell she was pretty drugged up from the shot of pain medication that they gave her. Her little tail wagged, so we could tell she was excited to see us. Poor thing got sick on the way home and she couldn't keep any water down once we got her home either.
She was pretty out of it. She just laid there on her bed and slept most of the night. We had to carry her upstairs when it was time to put her in her crate. I kept checking her and making sure she was breathing because she was in such a deep sleep.

The next day we started to see a little of her personality coming back. She was starting to be more playful, which we had to stifle a bit because we didn't want her being too active. But she started eating and drinking again and moving around pretty good.

The only thing is that we started noticing a red bruised area above her incision site, which started to spread and get worse over the weekend. It is a really awful looking bruise, so we brought her into the Vet today (Monday) to make sure that it wasn't anything serious. Even he was a little surprised when he saw the bruising. He mentioned that it was a little uncommon, but is basically due to too much activity. The odd part is that we've been really good about trying to keep her from running, jumping, etc. So we just have to keep an eye on it and make sure it isn't causing her any discomfort and watch for any signs of infection.

We're just glad that it is over and done with. She's a tropper though! Here's a picture of her on Saturday napping with the little stuffed cow (which we nicknamed Moo) that we bought her while she was in surgery. Isn't she precious!!

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