Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow...

     My little (well, maybe not so little anymore) Duchess is getting spayed tomorrow and I'm so nervous for her. She is a little over 10 months old now and we want to make sure that we do it before she is a year old, since there can be an increased risk for certain types of cancer if you wait too long. Part of me doesn't want to spay her at all, but I know that it is the best thing for her.  I just don't want her to have to go through the surgery and be in pain or have any negative reactions.

     I know that after being spayed,  most dogs are completely back to normal within a couple days to a couple of weeks. I've done my research and I feel prepared for the most part. But I also am aware that each dog will react differently when it comes to the surgery, medication and healing process. I just hope and pray that the process goes smoothly.

Our Duchess is pretty tough, so I somehow think she'll be just fine and probably back to normal within no time!


  1. Hi Sarabeth!! Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower!! It looks like you just started blogging; you will have a blast. I loved reading your entries and meeting your family and cute doggie :) Thanks again for stopping by!! Jaimie

  2. Hi Jaimie! Thank you so much for stopping by our new blog and commenting. We really appreciate it!



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